DORC launches EVA AVETA™ trocar cannula system

Thu 22 Apr 2021

DORC launches EVA AVETA™ trocar cannula system | Press Release

Zuidland, NETHERLANDS – DORC is launching the new EVA AVETA™ trocar cannula system.  EVA AVETA™ is the first system to feature the patent-pending, Push-Fit infusion connection, plus a unique laser-etched retention feature.  Benefits to surgeons and patients also include improved flow rates, a smaller working size and more stable intra-operative IOP.  Prof Szurman and Prof Pavlidis provide feedback after their first cases with the new system.

EVA AVETA™ is a fully redesigned trocar cannula system, developed following extensive collaboration with leading VR surgeons.  The highlights of the new system are as follows:

  • Easy-to-connect and secured, the Patent-pending, Push-fit infusion connection provides HI-FLOW™ infusion performance to balance perfectly with TDC aspiration flow rates
  • Cannula includes a chamfered leading edge designed for smooth insertion
  • Redesigned cannula in combination with MVR blade also improves wound architecture and is designed to improve wound sealing and reduce the requirement to suture sclerotomies – in over 96% of surgeries – surgeons reported superior wound sealing with AVETA**
  • Laser-etched cannula shaft designed to improve retention in the sclera
  • HI-FLOW™ infusion performance allows surgeons to work with lower infusion pressure
  • Trocar-cannula head is 20% smaller* designed to increase working space for surgeon
  • Redesigned cannula head ensures smooth, easy insertion of instrument tips (including soft-tip) through the cannula
  • In 85% of the first procedures performed with AVETA – surgeons rated the overall performance of AVETA as superior to their current trocar-cannula system. More specifically – in 75% of cases connection was rated as superior, in 80% retention was rated as superior and in 81% ease of insertion was rated as superior**
  • EVA AVETA™ has received approval in CE countries and the USA in April 2021.  It will be available to all EVA system users in VR packs from later in 2021

After his first cases with EVA AVETA™, Prof Peter Szurman, Augenklinik Sulzbach, commented: “Back in 2014, I worked with DORC to design the first one-step MVR blade, now EVA AVETA includes a new chamfered leading edge ensuring a smoother, effortless insertion.” His colleague at Augenklinik Sulzbach, Dr Karl Boden, added: “The enhanced wound architecture promotes wound sealing and reduces my need to use sutures, directly benefiting patient recovery.” 

Prof Fanis Pavlidis, Augencentrum Koln, commented, “The new push-fit connection is fantastic, with a quick, easy one-step procedure to connect the HI-FLOW™ infusion line with the valve in place ensuring a 100% closed system throughout surgery. Plus, if I need to switch infusion port there is no loss of IOP and the new laser-etched retention feature ensures the trocar stays in place.”

“Working closely with surgeons during development, we know the innovations in the EVA AVETA system will significantly improve control and efficiency” commented Arnaud Tellier, Product Director, DORC International. “EVA AVETA is the first in an exciting program of phacovitrectomy innovations that DORC will be launching in 2021.”


* Data on file - DORC

** Data based on the first 50 surgeries performed with EVA AVETA – data on file - DORC

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