DORC announces strategic partnership with WEFIS GmbH for research and development of innovative ophthalmic instruments based on an equity investment

Thu 13 Jan 2022

DORC announces strategic partnership with WEFIS GmbH for research and development of innovative ophthalmic instruments based on an equity investment | Press Release

Zuidland, NETHERLANDS – DORC International and WEFIS GmbH are excited to announce a strategic partnership, based on an equity investment by DORC. The partnership will focus on research and development to deliver innovation in performance, efficiency and usability of instruments for cataract surgery.

This strategic partnership and investment will ensure close collaboration between the respective research and developments teams at DORC and WEFIS.

  • This initiative will strengthen DORC’s commitment and investment in the cataract surgical market.
  • WEFIS have been a supplier to DORC since 2003 for cataract surgical products and a business partner for DORC in Germany since 2008.
  • Together WEFIS and DORC have a long history of innovation in the field.
  • The partnership will focus on innovation in cataract surgical products for use with the EVA platform and EQUIPHACO range of disposables for improved performance in cataract surgery.
  • Partnership is based on an undisclosed equity investment by DORC International.
  • Existing WEFIS supplier relationships with other companies will be unaffected by this partnership as well as WEFIS customer relationships in the German market.
  • 2022 will see a series of further innovation announcements from DORC in the field of cataract surgery.

Commenting on the partnership, Pierre Billardon, CEO, DORC International, welcomed the news: “WEFIS and DORC share a history of innovation in ophthalmic surgery, this partnership will transform our existing supplier relationship to deliver an exciting range of future innovation for retina and cataract surgeons worldwide”.

“DORC are a market leader in retina surgery and WEFIS have a long track record of bringing innovation to cataract surgery, this partnership definitely brings both companies a wealth of opportunities in the dual cataract and retina surgery market ” -  commented Dietrich Wernz, CEO WEFIS. “All the team at WEFIS are excited about the potential for a closer future collaboration whilst remaining committed to excellence in meeting the needs of our existing industry customers”.

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WEFIS GmbH has been developing, producing and distributing instruments for ophthalmic surgery since 1998. The focus is on products used in cataract and vitreoretinal surgery. The headquarters of our company has been located in Cologne since its foundation. Our development and production departments are located in Westerburg.
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