DORC launches new range of EVA EquiPhaco™ needles and sleeves

Mon 29 Jun 2020

DORC launches new range of EVA EquiPhaco™ needles and sleeves | new

DORC is excited to launch our new range of EVA EquiPhaco needles and sleeves. The EVA EquiPhaco™ range will deliver superior performance and ease of use across a wide range of reusable and single-use designs.

The new range of EVA EquiPhaco™ needles and sleeves are designed to deliver superior ultrasound efficiency, improved anterior chamber stability, and easier sleeve positioning.  The range has been developed by DORC in close consultation with leading surgeons include Dr Marcus Drodofsky (Osnabrück) and Prof Fanis Pavlidis (Köln).  The new range includes three key performance-driven design enhancements:


1. A perfect association of needle and sleeve for:

  • Optimized Irrigation / Aspiration balance and stable anterior chamber
  • Ease of insertion
  • Enhanced sleeve positioning and removal

2. Up to 45%* larger tip diameter with deeper inner steps in the flare for:

  • Better holdability of lens fragments
  • Improved emulsification and reduced phaco power
  • Reduced clogging

3. A 1.1mm longer* tip for further reach into the eye


The design of the new generation of EVA EquiPhaco™ tips combines performance and safety with chamber stability. Significant improvements on the ease of use have been integrated in the redesign such as easier positioning of the sleeve on the chosen needle, orientation indicators to ensure correct alignment with the needle.

Further highlights of new range of needles and sleeves are as follows:

  • The needle and sleeve range are available for 4 incision sizes – 1.8mm, 2.2mm, 2.4mm and 2.8mm – each sleeve is colour coded to enable easy identification
  • All of the needles are available in the straight, flared needle design
  • The new needles are available in two bevel options to meet most of surgeon’s preferences – 30° and 45° bevel
  • The needles are available in both single use and reusable format
  • Each single use set features one needle, two sleeves, a needle wrench, test chamber and is packed in sets of 6
  • The range is fully compatible with the DORC SureTouch Phaco handpiece
  • The new range is available for order now for most CE markets and in the USA.

Following first surgery with the new range, Prof Fanis Pavlidis (Augencentrum Köln) said, “My initial experience with the new tip is a significant stability improvement of the anterior chamber, better occlusion and holdability. The excellent flow control mode of the EVA VTi pump now has a perfect partner instrument for cataract surgery!”

Dr Marcus Drodofsky (Osnabrück), who also collaborated with DORC on the development of the range commented, “I have experience of over 200 cases with the new EVA EquiPhaco 2.4mm phaco needles.  The new design guarantees a stable chamber and highly efficient dispersion of phaco energy. Similarly, holdability and followability are also very good.  In my phaco-chop technique, using the 45° tip allows me to hold the lens for the first steps while the 30° tip seems to be more comfortable during the final removal of quadrants.”

“DORC is excited to bring our own exclusive design of EVA EquiPhaco needle and sleeve to the market.”- commented Arnaud Tellier, Product Director at DORC International. “This development is an important milestone to demonstrating that EVA is the leading phaco-vitrectomy system available to surgeons.”

The new EVA EquiPhaco™ range is now available commercially in most CE markets and the USA.




* in comparison to the current DORC Range (data on file)

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