DORC launches EVA NEXUS – uniting inspiration and innovation to deliver the future of ophthalmic surgery.

Wed 9 Mar 2022

DORC launches EVA NEXUS – uniting inspiration and innovation to deliver the future of ophthalmic surgery. | NEW

DORC International is excited to launch EVA NEXUS, the result of close collaboration with surgeons worldwide, combined with market leading technology for superior performance, efficiency and control in retina, cataract and combined surgery. EVA NEXUS introduces multiple innovations in surgical performance and efficiency including SmartIOP that combines with the existing EquiPhaco technology for optimized control in cataract surgery, EVA AVETA a ground-breaking trocar cannula system and EVA INICIO, the first approved micro-injection system. During the limited release phase, leading surgeons have endorsed the system, performing over 1500 surgical procedures with EVA NEXUS. The first randomized controlled trial of 250 cases with EVA NEXUS will be completed by March 2022.

  • EVA NEXUS features SmartIOP - a highly responsive infusion system for cataract surgery, enabling surgeons to work at lower infusion pressures and sustain a stable anterior chamber even in challenging cases. Future SmartIOP developments will include refinements of IOP control for posterior chamber surgery.
  • Combined with the new Dynamic Flow Rate and range of EquiPhaco needle and sleeves, EVA NEXUS improves efficiency in phaco energy and reduces effective phaco time (3)
  • EVA INICIO is the first approved micro-injection system designed for precise, ± 1psi control of sub 1ml injections with complimentary cannula systems for sub-retinal injections
  • EVA AVETA (available to both users of EVA NEXUS and the existing EVA system) includes the push-fit, Hi-Flow infusion connection, laser-etched shaft for scleral retention and chamfered cannula for smoother insertion. Since initial launch, surgeons have reported improved wound sealing (1) and significantly improved performance (2)
  • EVA NEXUS also features independent irrigation and infusion lines for anterior and posterior surgery ensuring easy switching of surgical phase during combined phacovitrectomy surgery
  • Plus EVA NEXUS features a host of ergonomic and user improvements including active monitoring of BSS levels, vertical and lateral adjustable monitor, a digital overlay and easy-to-use footbrake for repositioning of the system.
  • EVA NEXUS also features the Two Dimensional Cutter (TDC), VTi Dual-mode fluidics system and the dual linear, wireless, fully integrated footswitch.
  • During limited release, EVA NEXUS has been in active use in 5 surgical centers and has been used in over 400 vitrectomy and 1500 cataract surgeries (4)
  • EVA NEXUS is available now in CE-marked countries and 510k clearance for the USA is expected later in 2022. Further approvals will follow in 2022-23.

Prof Peter Stalmans, UZ Leuven, Belgium, one of the key users during the limited release phase and the principal investigator in the first clinical trial with EVA NEXUS, commented: ''Since mid 2021 – I have performed over 300 surgeries with the new EVA NEXUS system and it has had a remarkable impact on my surgery. The next generation phaco performance includes SmartIOP, significantly improving anterior chamber stability. Combined with the new infusion system of the EVA NEXUS VTi pump, it ensures the system is more responsive and allows me to work at lower infusion pressures improving outcomes for my patients. For combined surgery the independent irrigation and infusion lines enable a new dimension of control of the anterior and posterior chamber. DORC have been ready to listen to my feedback and make rapid improvements to the system – the result, EVA NEXUS, is an important advance in the future of ophthalmic surgery.''

Prof Peter Szurman, Augenklinik Sulzbach, Germany, commented: ''My team and I have already operated with EVA NEXUS and it is a major advance in both retina and cataract surgery. The new AVETA trocar cannula, that is based on the MVR blade I helped to develop, provides noticeably better wound sealing and an easy-to-use Push Fit connection. EVA NEXUS is also ready for the future of subretinal gene and stem cell therapy –with a micro-injection system and cannula that would allow for precise, controlled delivery of sub-retinal injections. EVA NEXUS have developed a system ready to meet the needs of phacovitrectomy surgeons –both today and for the future.''

Dr Bernard Heintz, Oogcentrum Brugge, Belgium: ''After over 700 cataract cases, I can confirm EVA NEXUS is truly next level phaco. Why? Because it is faster, more efficient, more gentle, uses less phaco power and, most importantly, eyes are quieter 1 day post-op.''

Prof Fanis Pavlidis, Augencentrum Köln, Germany: ''‘Based on over 100 27g vitrectomy cases with EVA NEXUS, I am convinced it is #1 ophthalmic surgery system available today. For vitrectomy, the VTi fluidics and TDC cutter that I co-developed with DORC are now combined with AVETA – a ground-breaking new trocar system. For combined surgery, EVA NEXUS marks a landmark in efficiency and performance, with improved chamber stability and ultrasound efficiency – plus the dual infusion / irrigation lines for greater flexibility in surgical management. EVA NEXUS is the ideal platform for performing the combined MICVIT – minimally invasive cataract and vitrectomy surgery.’'

Pierre Billardon, CEO, DORC International, welcomed the launch: ''The launch of EVA NEXUS is another landmark innovation for DORC, inspired by surgeons from around the world, this is our DNA, constantly striving to develop surgical technology that benefits surgeons and ultimately improves outcomes for patients. I am immensely proud that our team have worked over recent years with leading cataract and retina surgeons to develop this market leading system for retina, cataract and combined surgery.''

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(1) Total of 40 cases performed by Dr Ash Tewari and published at the Retina Society 2021.

(2) Data based on the first 125 surgeries performed with EVA AVETA – data on file – DORC

(3) Total of 148 cataract surgeries performed with the EquiPhaco needle and sleeve – data on file – DORC

(4) Data on file - DORC

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