Enhanced visualization for no compromise, small gauge surgery

Fri 19 Oct 2018

Enhanced visualization for no compromise, small gauge surgery

D.O.R.C. is excited to announce an improvement to our 27G surgical range – the enhanced 27G light fibres. The improved 27G light fibres provide significantly improved light output – increase by 65% compared to the current 27G fibres.

This enhancement will ensure surgeons can operate in 27G without compromising illumination. This development is directly in response to surgeons requesting improved illumination for 27G surgery. The probe also includes a slightly enlarged shaft and fiber core that provides improved rigidity in comparison to current fibres.

The probe will be available in shielded, focal and total view versions, all provided along with the novel DORC trans-scleral illuminated depressor for easy-to-use combined illumination and indentation during surgery.

Key benefits:

•        Light output increased by 65% compared to current 27G fibres

•        Includes trans-scleral illuminated depressor

•        Shielded, focal and total view versions

•        Increased rigidity

•        Improved control and visualisation

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