EVA UPGRADED: Phaco-Vitrectomy system that maximizes surgeon control

EVA creates a new technological dimension which will encourage you to see further and find new solutions for Cataract and Vitreoretinal Surgery.

Revolutionary fluidics


At the heart of EVA is a revolutionary fluid control system called Vacuflow VTi. Vacuflow VTi uses Valve Timing intelligence (VTi). The beauty of our Vacuflow VTi technology is that it eliminates the risk of unwanted pulsation or unwanted flow; it just effortlessly delivers the precise flow and fast vacuum required by the surgeon.

Vacuum mode

Vacuum mode

• Provides surgeon with efficiency: tissue comes to the port
• Ideal for core vitreous removal
• Controllable vacuum response time

Flow mode

Flow mode

• Provides control for precise removal of tissue
• Ideal fluidics for:
- shaving vitreous base
- trimming membranes for retinal tears
- working close to mobile retina

Single, universal cassette for cataract, vitrectomy and combined procedures

Single, universal cassette for cataract, vitrectomy and combined procedures

Fully programmable surgeon preferences

Fully programmable surgeon preferences



Combining TDC with up to 16,000 CPM* and VacuFlow VTi fluidics defines a new standard for surgeon control


TDC with VacuFlow VTi fluidics allows surgeon to control flow of tissue into the port for precise cutting.

Port open design reduces intraocular turbulence caused by traditional cutters allowing better surgeon control. 

TDC cuts in both directions doubling the cutting further reducing traction.

Port open 92% of the time - for faster tissue removal.


* The TDC cutter has a cut speed of up to 8,000 CPM and is designed to facilitate cutting tissue on the return of each stroke of the vitrectome, effectively doubling the cut speed.

Enhanced LED illumination

Increased light output for 27G surgery

Latest 27G light fibres provide 65% increase in output

Enhanced LED light source delivers further increase of at least 30%

Achieves optimum illumination for 27G surgery


Constant lumen output

No degradation of light output over the +10,000 hour life of the LED 

Significant cost savings compared to traditional Xenon bulbs (400 hours).


Available color tinting

Allows for user adjustable tissue contrast for enhanced visualization

Increased safety profile for extended or highly complicated cases.

Integrated footswitch

Refined ergonomics
• 6 programmable buttons
• Customizable inlays
• Alternative positions for optimal comfort

Enhanced surgeon control
• Integrated laser control
• Intuitive switching between laser and vitrectomy modes
• Wireless with longer battery life

Wireless, dual linear functionality
• Independent control of aspiration and cutting
• Independent control of aspiration and phaco
• Single linear lock

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