Leading a Global Leader, with Pierre Billardon

Mon 30 Aug 2021

Leading a Global Leader, with Pierre Billardon | Podcast by Ophthalmology Innovation Summit (USA)

"Dutch Ophthalmic Research Center (DORC) is a world-leading retinal surgical instrument developer. Even so, CEO Pierre Billardon recognizes the company has a fair percentage of US market share to obtain.

To take the private equity-backed company through its next growth phase – the goal is to double its equity in three to five years – Pierre listened to DORC’s surgeon customers, strengthened the company’s team, and improved DORC’s internal and external communication.

While innovation remains a key driver for DORC, Pierre remains focused on developing practical solutions. One key example: DORC’s disposable flat vitrectomy lens, a favorite device of host Firas Rahhal, MD.

In this episode, Dr. Rahhal speaks with Pierre about the technology behind TissueBlue, the only Food and Drug Administration-approved selective stain for the internal limiting membrane (ILM), and why it’s superior to using indocyanine green off-label for ILM staining.

You’ll also discover:

  • How Pierre’s success at HumanOptics, manufacturer of the CustomFlex artificial iris, has informed his position at DORC. CustomFlex is the first ophthalmic device to receive FDA Breakthrough Device designation.
  • The engineering behind the EVA phacoemulsification/vitrectomy system and how it brings LED “light to the eye.”
  • How Pierre plans to obtain and maintain market share in a competitive landscape and his vision for the future.
  • Why he considers his current leadership role the “job of his dreams.”


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