Ultra Peel 25G/27G microforceps: one touch, gentle membrane peeling

DORC Ultra Peel 25g/27g forceps. Premiered at the Frankfurt Retina Meeting – this new forcep design is the latest addition to the DORC forcep range.
Designed to provide maximized gripping force combined with a blunt, rounded tip designed for working close to the retina. The ultra-peel forceps are also ideal for thicker, fibrotic, adherent membranes that typically require repeated efforts to grasp and hold the membrane.

The tip design and optimal shaft stiffness also provide precise control.
Launched for the first time in 27g and 25g – DORC has designed the 27g version to deliver over 90% equivalent gripping area and a 50% improvement in grasping force when compared to the 23g version.

  • Designed for single-movement peeling of thicker, more fibrotic membranes
  • 27g version delivers over 90% equivalent grasping area vs 23g design
  • Blunt, rounded tip design and optimal shaft stiffness provides precise control for smaller gauge surgery

The ultra-peel forceps were designed in collaboration with Dr Yoneda – read below for his first impressions of the design:

“For me, the key feature of these forceps is the feeling when I perform the first rip and peel of the membrane. I believe this control is specifically due to the unique, rounded design of the tip of these forceps. Using this tip, I can peel in various locations across the retina and the rounded tip will ensure an equal grip of the membrane.  The rounded tip also provides a more gentle touch whilst other forceps seem to have a sharper, square edge.

Why is this difference important? because I feel it has been designed to ensure a tangential contact with the membrane, easy to rip and gentle to peel”

Dr Yoneda - Japan

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