EFTIAR Octane and EFTIAR Decalin

PFCL in vials and in prefilled syringes


EFTIAR offers the vitreoretinal surgeon a temporary tamponade for efficient re-attachment of the retina, release of subretinal fluid, dissection of fibro-vascular proliferation and controlling retinal bleeding.

Maximized purity.
> 90% fluorinated.
Chemically inert liquid.
Transparent, colorless and optically clear.
Low refractive index.
High specific gravity.
Smooth flattening of a detached retina.
Passive drainage of subretinal fluid.


EFTIAR Octane and Decalin in prefilled syringe:

Easy-to-use syringe format with flange extender for easy handling.
Avoids requirement for transfer from vial to syringe.
Range includes both Octane and Decalin.
Available in 5ml and 7ml format.


• Specific gravity: 1,77 g/cm3 at 20°C. • Refractive index: 1,27 at 20°C. • Viscosity: 1,4 mPas at 25°C. • Boiling point: 101,3-106°C. • Packaging: 1 vial of 5ml or 7ml.

EFTIAR Decalin

• High interfacial tension to silicone oil. • Specific gravity: 1,93 g/cm3 at 20°C. • Refractive index: 1,31 at 20°C. • Viscosity: 5,53 mPas at 25°C. • Boiling point: 140,4-142,4°C. • Packaging: 1 vial of 5ml or 7ml.

D.O.R.C. PFCL Purity Standards

• D.O.R.C.s PFCL manufacturing method uses a proprietary and stringent production and purification process. • These ensure removal of critical impurities (H-value ≤ 10ppm, 1H-value (for Octane only) ≤ 1ppm). • Verification of purity levels is confirmed using analytical methods specifically developed to detect critical impurities. • Using independent analytical methods - sourcing of raw materials is continuously controlled. • Deploying a multi-step purification process.

Indications for use

EFTIAR Octane and EFTIAR Decalin liquid is indicated for use as an intra-operative tool for temporary flattening and manipulation of the retina during surgical treatment of retinal detachment, in particular : • Retinal detachment with giant tears. • Retinal detachment with proliferative vitreoretinopathy. • Traumatic Retinal Detachment. • Luxated Lenses. • Intraocular haemorrhage.

Bewertungen & Anwenderberichte

Marco Coassin, MD, Italy

As surgeons, we need to have the safest possible liquids for our surgeries: ask a producer for a detailed certificate of purification

Marco Coassin, MD, Italy

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